The world’s largest drone is preparing to launch satellites and rockets in 2021

The world's largest drone is preparing to launch satellites and rockets in 2021

Sending a satellite into space is not a difficult task today, and SpaceX, for example, does this every few days. Despite this, launching a rocket from the ground is expensive, which is why the giant Ravn X wants to do so at a lower cost.

This UAV is the largest UAV in the world with a length of 24 meters. This product uses Aevum software to fly, which puts it at a certain height. The system launches a rocket at the desired altitude and places small satellites in near-Earth orbit.

The launch system of this drone is up to 70% reusable and the CEO of this company named “G-Skylos” Is hopeful This rate should be close to 100%:

“The first step is to land, put a new rocket on it, get up again and start flying, similar to what airlines do at the flight gate.”

Testing of the world’s largest drone is expected to begin this year. Aevum points out that it has signed several launch contracts to date, valued at more than $ 1 billion.

The company’s contracts include a contract with the US space force, during which 360 satellites must be placed in near-Earth orbit. According to Skylos, this will be done this year.

Companies like SpaceX will face problems in the future if the giant UAV’s test flights are successful and the Ravn X is able to launch satellites at a lower cost than its competitors. Companies as well as governments can put their satellites into orbit for a lower fee, which can increase the number of satellites around the earth.

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