The world’s largest Nintendo Switch was built with 4K TV

The world's largest Nintendo Switch was built with 4K TV

Nintendo Switch is a good size as a portable console, and Nintendo has been working on a larger version of the console for some time, but a YouTube user named “Michael Peak” has decided to make it much bigger. He has now built a device that is 650% larger than the current version of the Nintendo Switch. Pike claims his console is the largest Nintendo Switch usable in the world.

Nintendo Switch Who made the courier It is 76 cm high and 177 cm wide. As a result, you can not press the buttons on both sides of the screen without dragging, and in this case, you will not be very comfortable. Of course, you can also use this device with professional controllers. It is worth mentioning that the weight of this console has now reached 29 kg.

The device you see in the pictures is actually mounted on a 4K LED TV. The console’s buttons and joysticks are made via a 3D printer, and with the help of a set of steering motors, they transmit user commands through these giant buttons to the small Nintendo Switch inside the body.

The worlds largest Nintendo Switch was built with 4K TV The world's largest Nintendo Switch was built with 4K TV 2

Michael Peak says his goal was to make a switch that you can’t easily lose. “I really like the Nintendo Switch,” he said. This console is small and portable, but you can easily lose it. And that was a big problem for me. “So I decided to make something a little bigger and a little harder to lose.” The courier will eventually donate the world’s largest Nintendo Switch to St. Jude Children’s Hospital. Although this device eliminates the most important feature of the switch, namely portability, but it can bring a different and amazing experience from a handheld console.

The current Switch console has a 6.2-inch display, but it is unclear when the next generation of this device will be introduced.

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