The Xiaomi Sound smart speaker was introduced with UWB support and priced at $ 77

بلندگوی هوشمند شیائومی Sound با پشتیبانی از UWB و قیمت ۷۷ دلار معرفی شد

Xiaomi finally unveiled the Mi Mix 4, the Mi Pad 5 series tablets and the cyberdag robot. The company also unveiled its first high-end speaker, the Xiaomi Sound, which, despite claiming high quality, is priced at around $ 77.

The Xiaomi Sound smart speaker with its capabilities should have been a great product, but we with a compact product We are facing Despite its small size, it is designed to provide a powerful sound. The device uses Harman AudioEFX technology, which allows the speaker to become a powerful audio source and have rich low frequencies without damaging the hardware itself.

Xiaomi Sound has a powerful internal neodymium magnet, and the company claims that its sound pressure can reach 90 decibels. The full bass volume of this speaker is 70 Hz, and at the same time it provides 360 degree audio playback. Xiaomi has also received Hi-Res certification for this product.

Xiaomi Sound is available in two colors, silver and black, and has a metal body. Lee Joon, the company’s CEO, claims that their speaker is the most beautiful and high-quality speaker they have introduced in the last 10 years. In addition, this product is capable of calculating 330 audio operations per second and can achieve dynamic sound optimization. At the same time, there are algorithms for adjusting the quality and volume of sound at night, which improve the output of the device.

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Other attractive features of this speaker include support for connecting multiple speakers to each other. This means that the user can connect up to 8 speakers at the same time and place them in different locations to achieve a rich and versatile sound.

In addition to Bluetooth communications, Xiaomi Sound also supports UWB. However, information about the release date of this device is not yet available.

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