The YouTube mobile app has more options for adjusting video quality

The YouTube mobile app has more options for adjusting video quality

YouTube is releasing an update to its Android and iOS apps that gives users more options for adjusting video quality. The higher the video quality in the YouTube mobile app, the more internet is consumed.

Users get high quality by selecting the “Higher picture quality” option, but their internet cost increases. Conversely, if the “Data saver” option is the user’s choice, the Internet will be used less, but it will have access to lower quality video.

These options are added to the existing settings. One of these options is “Auto”, which automatically adjusts the video quality according to the user’s internet speed. However, users can also manually select the highest quality, 4K HDR, which is the case for all videos. There is no general setting for a specific resolution in the YouTube mobile app.

This update is for the server, and even if you do not install the latest version of YouTube on your mobile, you will still get such settings. However, with the new version of YouTube Mobile App, you will encounter better performance.

In addition to offering more options for its mobile app, YouTube has made it possible to change the name and image of the channel without having to change your Google account information. Until now, people had to change their Google Account information to change these things on YouTube, and for this reason, one of the most important requests of content creators was to change this situation.

While such a change will be more applicable to content creators, personal accounts can also benefit. Of course, such a feature has one drawback, which is the disappearance of the confirmation mark if the name is changed, which of course users can try to get it again. This does not affect the user’s channel order address.

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