These Dell, HP and Asus desktops and laptops can download Windows 11

این دسکتاپ‌ها و لپ‌تاپ‌های دل، اچ‌پی و ایسوس می‌توانند ویندوز ۱۱ را دریافت کنند

Windows 11, which was introduced a few days ago, will be available for free to Windows 10 users later this year. Now, before the official release, Dell, HP and Asus have released a list of products that will receive Windows 11.

Most modern laptops have no problem getting the latest Microsoft operating system, but these products must be equipped with eighth-generation, newer Intel processors and also support the TPM 2.0 chip. In this article, you can see the minimum system requirements for Windows 11.

Given these requirements, many users want to know if their devices support Windows 11. Leading desktop and laptop manufacturers have released a list of products that will receive Windows 11.

Dell products compatible with Windows 11

According to the heartAll Windows 10 PCs sold through the company’s online store are compatible with Windows 11. In addition, some older products can be upgraded to this operating system. The list of these products is as follows, but the exact model of each of the following series is available on the Dell website:

  • Alienware desktops and laptops
  • G Series desktops and laptops
  • Inspiron desktops and laptops
  • XPS desktops and laptops
  • Vostro desktops and laptops
  • Latitude
  • OptiPlex
  • Precision Workstation
  • Mobile Precision

As you can see in the list above, most of Dell’s popular products can download Windows 11, although newer models of these devices are able to do so. Dell says only the products they test will receive new drivers, however users of other devices can manually download the drivers from Intel, AMD or Nvidia.

HP products that are compatible with Windows 11

1624768707 184 These Dell HP and Asus desktops and laptops can download These Dell, HP and Asus desktops and laptops can download Windows 11 2

اچ‌پی در Windows 11 Update Page Its products say that users can check the compatibility of their device with the new Microsoft operating system with the PC Health Check app, however, it has also published a list of compatible products:

  • The current generation of the Specter, the current generation of the Envy, the Pavilion, the Specter x360 14, the Envy x360 15 and the All-in-One Pavilion
  • New Omen and Victus products include Victus by HP 16, OMEN 16 and OMEN 30L desktop
  • Some products in the HP Elite and HP Pro series include the HP Elite Dragonfly G2
  • The current generation of Z series workstations such as the ZBook Studio G8

Asus products compatible with Windows 11

1620801119 576 Asus Zephyros M16 and S17 laptops introduced with the latest These Dell, HP and Asus desktops and laptops can download Windows 11 4

Asus has released a complete list of products that can download Windows 11 Its website is visibleHowever, some of the company’s most popular devices that are compatible with Microsoft’s new operating system are as follows:

  • ProArt Studiobook One, Pro X, Pro 15 and Pro 17
  • Znobook Pro Duo
  • ذن‌بوک پرو ۱۴
  • ذن‌بوک پرو 15
  • Zenbook 3 Deluxe and S
  • Zenobook Series Flip
  • Books UX410, UX311 and UX 310
  • ذن‌بوک 13 و ذن‌بوك ۱۴
  • Bookbinding Duo 14, Duo and 14 Ultralight
  • ذن‌بوک ۱۵
  • Vivobook Pro 15, S13 series, S14 series and S15 series
  • Vivobook Flip 12, 14, 15, 17
  • ROG Zephyrus series products

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