This artificial intelligence system makes movies on your command

This artificial intelligence system makes movies on your command

You’ve probably heard of amazing text-to-image AI performance results like Dall-E, Stable Diffusion, and Midjourney. As expected, the AI ​​revolution is advancing and the next goal of this technology is to convert text to video. So it’s time to forget about artificial intelligence systems for converting text to images and with a new system called QuickVid that can Make a movie at your commandget to know

Google and Meta have so far demonstrated their capabilities in the form of artificial intelligence-based systems for converting text to video. But this advanced technology is not yet available to the public. If you’ve been looking forward to making videos by giving AI a few simple commands, now you can, thanks to QuickVid.

Before you get your expectations too high, it’s important to know that QuickVid’s performance isn’t equivalent to generating thousands of photos like Stable Diffusion and assembling them to create a video, or accessing the world’s most advanced artificial intelligence systems. In fact, the QuickVid artificial intelligence technique is a primary solution to enter the competition of artificial intelligence systems for converting text to video.

Artificial intelligence dictates the movie

The first step in the process of this artificial intelligence system is to generate a script based on your request. The AI ​​creates a full narration of your command and then merges the speech with a choice of male or female voice. The background video of the clip is also selected from the previously available samples.

As a suspicious final move, QuickVid places the script as a title on the video and adds thumbnails generated with the Dall-e AI API. As a result, you will have a short video that you can watch above.

The developer of QuickVid announced in one of his interviews that improvements for this artificial intelligence system are on the way. More options for personalizing videos will likely be available in January. This tool will eventually support descriptions and avatars.

Accordingly, the coming year will likely see the release of new AI-based solutions for converting text to video alongside visual wonders such as augmented reality glasses and virtual reality headsets.

  • DALL-E AI is available for use in applications
  • AI answers are banned on Stack Overflow!

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