This smart ring reveals the reason for women’s emotions

This smart ring reveals the reason for women's emotions

Healthcare company Movano has just launched a smart ring called Evie. This smart ring, specially designed for women, helps them to understand the reason of their emotions. This unique ring has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration but has not yet received regulatory approval. Evie Once approved, it will be a medical-grade device to measure blood oxygen levels and monitor heart rate.

Movano claims the product successfully completed a hypoxia-focused trial in October 2022. In the aforementioned test, the accuracy of measuring Evie’s blood oxygen and heart rate was consistent with the standards of the Food and Drug Administration. Of course, Evie offers more and more exciting capabilities than most wearable gadgets.

Movano promises that users will be able to get advice from health experts within its app. John Mastrototaro, CEO of this company said:

As a medical device, Evie will go beyond the status quo of other wearables on the market. We’ve packed medical-grade biometric data and insights into a comfortable, modern wearable.

Features of the Evie smart ring

Smart ring of women's emotions

Like Oura rings, as well as wearable devices from companies like Apple, Evie provides many health metrics to its users. This ring can help women with things like monitoring skin temperature changes, menstruation, ovulation and menstrual symptoms. Movano says the Evie smart ring helps women better understand why they’re feeling their emotions.

The product also offers general features such as monitoring of physical activities including steps, activity time, calories burned, steps and sleep duration.

Finally, the company promises to maintain the security and privacy of data when it is transferred to the cloud or to healthcare providers. Currently, the company’s focus is on obtaining FDA approval, and the release date of this smart ring will be determined at that time.

The Evie ring was first introduced at the CES 2022 event; However, no name or final price was announced at the time, and it is scheduled to make a second appearance at CES 2023 in early January. The Evie was supposed to be launched in 2022, but that promise was not fulfilled and it is now expected to go on sale in 2023. Movano says its new smart ring will cost under $300, not counting. The ring will initially only be available in the US market, but may make its way to other markets later.

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