This smart shirt with carbon nanotube fibers monitors heart rate

این پیراهن هوشمند با الیاف نانولوله کربنی ضربان قلب را پایش می‌کند

Researchers at Rice University have developed a smart shirt that uses carbon nanotube fibers to sew, and by electrical contact with the skin can monitor health-related data, including heart rate.

In recent years, various models of wearable gadgets equipped with various health monitoring technologies have entered the market. Have been offered. Carbon nanotube fiber-based technology was first introduced by Rice University researchers in 2013. These fibers are as strong as carbon fiber and have good flexibility. In addition, these fibers have good conductivity and can conduct heat and electricity.

These filaments are about 22 microns thick and consist of tens of billions of carbon nanotubes. These fibers are sewn to the fabric by machine, and the researchers used a zigzag sewing pattern to sew them so that they would not be damaged when stretched.

The fibers used in sports shirts with their conductive properties can act as integrated electrodes as a means of signal transmission and offer potentially interesting applications. The research team has performed various experiments so far and compared the ability of the smart shirt to monitor heart rate in real time with a regular monitor and found that the smart shirt works well. The cotton fibers used in the shirt to the electrode are used for the ECG.

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“For this smart shirt to work, it has to be firmly attached to the chest,” says Lauren Taylor, Rice’s graduate student. “In future studies, we will focus on using denser fibers of carbon nanotubes to create a greater level of skin contact.”

Undoubtedly, the efforts of researchers in this field continue and will not end at this point.

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