This spongy airgel converts air molecules into drinking water

This spongy airgel converts air molecules into drinking water

A team of engineers at the National University of Singapore has developed a solution that converts air molecules into drinking water using a sponge-shaped airgel without the need for an energy source or moving parts.

The solution of the researchers of the National University of Singapore has a relatively simple function. Airgel or aerogel of long polymers and porous structures called metal-organic frameworks (MOF) Composed They are used in various researches due to their extremely high surface area.

This hybrid solution absorbs and repels water continuously and simultaneously. This feature allows the airgel to remove water molecules from the air, similar to that seen in sponges, by compressing them into water and then releasing them, except that, like sponges, they no longer need to be pressed to release water. The performance of this system is improved by exposure to sunlight and can convert 95% of the absorbed steam into liquid water.

The researchers were able to use the aerogel continuously in the laboratory for 1440 hours to produce drinking water in accordance with WHO standards. Researchers say that one kilogram of this substance can produce 17 liters of water per day in wet conditions.

The researchers simply point to their invention and say that it does not need sunlight or electricity to work and has no moving parts. They are looking for business partners to develop this technology more quickly.

“Given that the atmospheric water supply is constantly replenished by the hydrological cycle, our invention is a promising solution for the sustainable production of fresh water in a variety of climates with the least amount of moisture,” said Ho Ghim Wei, professor at the National University of Singapore and leader of the research team. “It’s energy.”

Findings of this research in the journal Science Advances It’s been published.

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