This time it’s Amazon’s turn; The resumption of advertising activity on Twitter

This time it's Amazon's turn;  The resumption of advertising activity on Twitter

According to a tweet by platformer journalist Zoe Schaeffer, Amazon plans to re- Promotional activity Start yourself on Twitter with an amount of about 100 million dollars a year.

Amazon Twitter advertising activity

According to his tweet, the American e-commerce industry giant was waiting for some security fixes on the platform before returning to Twitter. The news of Amazon’s resumption of advertising on Twitter came exactly one day after Elon Musk announced that Apple had completely resumed advertising on the platform. Additionally, Musk took to Twitter to thank advertisers for coming back to Twitter.

Mask management and reducing advertising activity of brands on Twitter

Half of Twitter’s top 100 advertisers cut their ad spend after Musk took over, according to the Media Matters research center. They have bought 750 million dollars of ads on Twitter this year alone. These brands accounted for nearly $2 billion in Twitter revenue as of 2020.

Apple halted advertising on Twitter following last month’s shooting at a nightclub in Colorado Springs, Colorado, that left five people dead and dozens injured, three sources familiar with the matter told The New York Times.

General Motors was one of the first advertisers to announce that it would stop advertising on the platform after it took over Twitter. The car company, which is one of Tesla’s main competitors, announced that it plans to examine how Twitter works after this change. Sources told The New York Times that the decision was made as a result of GM’s concern that Twitter data would be transferred to Tesla.

Decreased Twitter advertising revenue

To counter the steep loss of revenue, Twitter seems to have included some perks for advertisers who spend a lot of money advertising on the platform. Apparently, any advertiser who spends more than $500,000 will include these Twitter benefits. While the return of mainstream advertisers may be good news for Twitter, insiders told The Times that ad revenue in the first week of December was 80% lower than expected.

According to the Times, some brands only agreed to advertise for events like the Super Bowl with stipulations that they could change their minds for any reason.

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