Threatening attack by Russian hackers on the creators of STALKER 2 game; The possibility of game data being stolen

Threatening attack by Russian hackers on the creators of STALKER 2 game;  The possibility of game data being stolen

Russian hackers have threatened the studio “GSC Game World” (GSC Game World) to reveal the data of the game “STALKER 2” (STALKER 2) if they do not cooperate.

Many developers in Eastern Europe have been affected by the war between Russia and Ukraine. Now it is reported that Russian hackers have threatened members of GSC Game World studio. These hackers announced that they have full access to the assets of the said studio and if they do not cooperate, they will spread these assets in cyber space.

Hacking group Vestnik TSS claims to have access to information including artwork, cutscenes and other assets of STALKER 2. Hackers confirmed that they have nearly 30 gigs of data from this game. They officially announced that if the members of GSC Game World studio do not agree with their demands, they will release the confidential information of STALKER2 on the date March 15 (March 24, 1401) They publish This confidential information includes the following items:

  • Unban NF Star’s profile on the game’s official Discord page (a member of the Vestnik TSS hacking group)
  • Changing the behavior and attitude towards Belarusian and Russian players and at the same time officially apologizing to them for “inappropriate behavior”
  • Attempting to localize the STALKER 2 game for Russia

As you can see above, one of the demands of Russian hackers is to localize STALKER 2 for Russia. Because the studio GSC Game World stopped its cooperation with the Russian distributor after the events between Russia and Ukraine and redid the voice work. This even affected the production of Atomic Heart.

Russian hackers threaten STALKER 2 game developers

The message of STALKER 2 game makers to the threat of Russian hackers

Studio GSC Game World announced on its Twitter page that the threatening attack by Russian hackers on the studio’s data is true, and this is not the first time such a thing has happened. They openly stated that they will not pay ransom to Russian hackers and stand against them bravely:

We are a Ukrainian company and, like most Ukrainians, we have experienced far worse things. Homes of Ukrainian citizens were destroyed, their lives were destroyed and we witnessed the death of our loved ones during this time. Trying to blackmail or intimidate us is completely pointless. Our unwavering commitment to support our country remains unchanged. We will continue to do everything possible to support Ukraine and this decision will not change in the future under any circumstances.

The studio warned that if confidential information is revealed on March 15, users should avoid viewing the said information from the STALKER 2 game. They said that the development process of the game has resumed and soon the official release date will be communicated to the players. construction process STALKER 2 game It started in 2011, but during this time, the developer studio faced many problems to complete this game.

what is your opinion? Will the threat and disclosure of STALKER 2 information by Russian hackers once again harm the production process of this game? Please share your thoughts with us.

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