Three ping measurement modes were added to Speedtest

سه حالت اندازه‌گیری پینگ به Speedtest اضافه شد

Global service Speedtest It is used to measure the speed of the Internet and in its new update, Ping Measures and displays to users in three modes: “Idle”, “Ping Download” and “Ping Upload” separately.

Although in service Speedtest Speed Download And upload It gets the most attention from users, but there is another important criterion that can have a big impact on your experience of the Internet: Delay. By defining this criterion, it can be said that it shows how long it takes for the server to respond to user requests.

New modes for measuring internet ping speed test

Although this program has always measured the amount of latency, in some cases, this number can be misleading, because the latency can increase based on the Internet load of users. Now to reduce this error, Okla Company (Ookla) Unveiled three separate pings Which accurately show the delay figures.

The first case “Unemployed Ping” Is called that measures the response of users on the network in a way that is apparently not in use. The second case «Ping Download» Is called, and it measures the latency when the download speed test is underway, and actually measures how the download affects network activity. For example, when a family member is downloading a heavy game and you are trying to do things online.

Internet speed

Third state “Ping Upload” Similar to the previous situation, it measures network latency when an upload speed test is underway to determine its impact on network performance.

Okla explains on its website:

“Our mission at Ookla is to empower consumers around the world to understand and optimize our Internet experience. “This new metric will give you detailed information to find out where your network’s weaknesses are.”

Internet speed

In addition, Speedtest maps, which were initially only available on the Android app, have now been added to the iOS version. However, iPhone users will also be able to compare different mobile operators in their area.

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