Tic Tac wants to provide tools for finding and selling products

تیک تاک می‌خواهد ابزارهایی برای شغل‌یابی و فروش محصولات ارائه کند

Tik Tak wants to enable companies and job seekers to recruit and publish resumes. On the other hand, this social network is trying to allow brands to sell their products through this social network.

According to reports Axios, Tic Tac Toe is testing a tool that will help users find jobs. Of course, this feature will probably not be added to the Tic Tac app and will provide users with job information as a web page. On the other hand, users can also send their resume as a video. It may even be possible for users to include this video resume in their profile.

Given that many young people spend a lot of time on this social network, there is a good opportunity for companies to attract the forces they want. However, those who want to apply for employment through their Tic Tac profile should be careful about what they have already shared on this social network.

In addition, according to reports Bloomberg Tic Tac wants to start in-app sales for European users in collaboration with several brands, including the Hype brand in the UK. This mechanism will probably be something like buying on Instagram. Bloomberg says separate tabs are added to the brands page that show a list of products with pictures and their prices.

A tab similar to the same shopping tab has now been added to Hype’s company page, and Hype himself has confirmed in a conversation with Bloomberg that he is testing this feature. Given the conditions of Tic Tac videos, it seems that this platform can be a good place to promote products. Users of this social network watch a lot of videos every day because each video has a short duration and it is not boring to watch them.

With this strategy, Tik Tak has taken almost the same approach that Facebook follows with the Reels section on Instagram and the Facebook app itself. The company wants to create a shopping tab and provide product information in the Reels section. In addition, Facebook is working on stickers for advertising in the story section.

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