TikTok agrees to share app algorithm source code with US authorities

TikTok agrees to share app algorithm source code with US authorities

Tik Tok confirmed in the latest news that The algorithm of this application can be shared with US authorities put. The Chinese owner of this popular app, ByteDance, hopes to prevent the service from being blocked in the United States by providing the source code of the platform’s algorithm and transparency in this regard.

In this regard, it has been said that personalized video feeds for each user is one of the most important topics and one of the most confidential secrets of this company. However, Tik Tok has announced that this service only makes decisions based on the user’s watched videos, interest in videos, followers and video sharing by the user.

However, in other reviews, it has been said that the amount of time the user spends watching certain types of content is influential in the algorithm’s decision to show similar results, and this feature is considered unhealthy and harmful by some. However, ByteDance also said that it has worked to reduce the effect of this feature. Another thing that the critics of this app point to is the possibility of the Chinese government accessing the information of American users to interfere in the political process of this country.

Tick ‚Äč‚ÄčTock Algorithm

However, ByteDance, the owner of Tik Tok, has agreed to review the source codes of this program by the American company, Oracle. In this regard, Tik Tok has acknowledged that their proposal will allow American companies and authorities to examine the source code of this app and its algorithms for security flaws.

However, according to the statements of some American officials, it is difficult to check the performance of Tik Tok algorithm and it is stated that mostly no exact answer can be found in this regard. However, if Tik Tok’s algorithm can be thoroughly investigated and how it works, it is likely that security concerns will remain. Other security problems and the fear of sharing Americans’ personal data with the Chinese government have been mentioned as major concerns of American officials.

  • Approval of the bill banning the use of Tik Tok in government institutions
  • Prohibiting the use of Tik Tok on the phones of US parliamentarians
  • Tik Tok was recognized as the most profitable application in the third quarter of 2022

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