Tim Cook is optimistic about the future and finds Apple’s monopoly unrealistic

Tim Cook is optimistic about the future and finds Apple's monopoly unrealistic

Apple’s shareholders’ meeting, which was usually held in person at the company’s headquarters in Cupertino, hosted shareholders online yesterday. In this meeting, the CEO of Apple talked about various topics such as the future of Apple and the discussion of monopoly. Raised.

“Apple is building the best, most useful, most innovative and most reliable products on the market, and we took that mission to a whole new level in 2020,” Cook said in part. The CEO of the company added that AirPads Max is very popular among customers and Mini Hoppad has also been well received.

Without saying what Apple will launch in the future, Cook said there are exciting things for the future of the iPhone. He added that extraordinary things will happen for the future of the company’s computer product line. Looking forward to 2021 and beyond, Cook said he is very optimistic about the future.

In a part of his speech, the CEO of Apple emphasized that Apple does not dominate any of the markets in which it competes. “While the harshness is reasonable, such allegations will be dismissed after a reasonable examination of the facts,” said Tim Cook, referring to the allegations against the company’s monopolies.

Apple’s number one man also talked about other issues, such as unfavorable weather conditions in Texas and discussions about US economic subsidies. On the first issue, he emphasized Apple’s financial support for relief groups and the company’s support for forces in the area.

Tim Cook spoke about the global changes caused by the Corona virus epidemic and excluded Apple from these changes. “The world has changed in many ways, but Apple has remained unchanged in terms of its core principles,” he said. “Apple is made up of people who want to spend their lives creating tools that will help people live better lives.”

“We can easily say no to a lot of things and focus on areas where we can make the most impact and innovate,” he said. Technology is created by the people, for the people and taking into account the health of the people. “Technology, at its best and most useful, should help us leave the world in better conditions than before.”

“We all at Apple think about how we can help communities get through this more powerfully, how we can make a return to normalcy fair, and world-class technologies that focus on “Humanity is made up of how they can help us all.”

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