Tolls for entering the Tehran traffic plan increased by 25% for the year 1400

Tolls for entering the Tehran traffic plan increased by 25% for the year 1400

The traffic plan is one of the oldest plans to help reduce traffic and air pollution in the capital. Every year before Eid night, changes to the plan are approved at city council meetings. Recently, a report amending the decision to determine traffic tolls to manage traffic, reduce travel demand and control air pollution has been submitted to the Board of Directors. At a recent meeting of the city council, the increase in tolls for next year was definitely approved, and “Mohammad Alikhani”, a member of the Tehran City Council, gave an explanation in this regard.

Alikhani said in this regard: “A joint virtual meeting was held with the members of the Program, Budget and Transportation Commission, the results of which were sent to the chairman of the council. We had several changes, one of which was to increase the base rate of tolls, the municipal bill proposed a 5% increase, which was changed to 5% in the joint commission, ie from 4,000 to 4,000. “The next case was the increase in the price of the annual traffic license issuance service, which increased from 2 to 4 percent, that is, it changed from a fixed amount of 4,000 tomans to 5 percent.”

A member of the Tehran City Council stated: “The next issue was the determination of cases and the allocation of revenues, which used to be allocated 40% to the Transport Organization, but unfortunately was not paid and taxi modernization was stopped. Voting took place, voting took place and today “It became public that Mr. Masjed Jamei was the only one who opposed this resolution.”

Also in this meeting, the rate of construction tolls in 1400 has increased by 50%.

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