TSMC announced the start of chip production at the Arizona plant in the United States in 2024

TSMC از آغاز تولید تراشه در کارخانه آریزونا آمریکا از سال ۲۰۲۴ خبر داد

The chairman of TSMC says that the company wants to start production at the Arizona plant in the United States from 2024. It is unknown at this time what devices or brands the factory will be producing, but Apple is a potential customer.

TSMC CEO Mark Liu recently Confirmed A $ 12 billion Arizona plant will begin mass production in the first quarter of 2024. In addition, Liu says the first group of engineers to work at the plant arrived in Taiwan in April for training.

TSMC first unveiled plans to build a plant in Arizona in 2020. The company spent about $ 743 million in 2021 to begin construction of the center. It seems that the Arizona plant is going to prepare for the production of 5-nanometer chips.

In a meeting with TSMC investors, Mr. Liu said they were considering more plans to build plants in other countries, including Japan. The company says it is not yet ready to release more details about the plans, as everything will go according to customer needs.

The $ 100 billion TSMC three-year plan to build a plant in Japan is not included in the plan, but they are still exploring the conditions for developing their plants in other countries. The company may want to spend $ 2.8 billion to expand its product lines in China.

TSMC’s new plan is an initiative to expand the company’s product lines in other countries. TSMC has so far manufactured most of its chips inside Taiwan, and of course continues to develop its Taiwanese centers. Their focus is apparently on Taiwanese factories to develop state-of-the-art technologies, such as 3nm chip production lines.

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