TSMC Customer List Release: Apple tops the list with a 26% share

انتشار لیست مشتریان TSMC: اپل با سهم ۲۶ درصدی در رتبه اول

TSMC’s list of largest customers shows that Apple alone accounted for 25.9% of the company’s quarterly revenue. No other company has been able to get close to the Cupertinos and double its share of TSMC revenues.

Based on information from Bloomberg and Digitimes, After Apple, is the second largest customer of TSMC, MediaTek, which accounts for 5.8% of the company’s revenue. The rest of the companies have less than 5% share. However, in the future, with Intel changing its position from chip maker to chip designer, the situation may change and more orders may be sent to TSMC.

Cooperation between Intel and TSMC is expected to continue at least until the generation of 2-nanometer chips in 2025. According to the Taiwanese chipmaker, Intel could join their three major customers in 2023 and bring them a steady stream of revenue.

Intel is likely to work with TSMC

If Intel uses TSMC factories to build its products, it will tarnish its image, but it can lower manufacturing costs by avoiding production chain crises. With the help of TSMC, the company is trying to compete more seriously with AMD, Nvidia and other competitors.

“Apple came to the conclusion that it could make better chips than we did, and they really produced a very good product,” said the Intel CEO, referring to Apple’s migration from Intel products to its own chips. He added that the company is working to make a better chip and re-engage with Cupertino residents.

Intel hopes to change its strategy to gain more market share in the global chip market. This market has faced many problems in the last two years and has not been able to meet the needs of customers. The company recently unveiled its new technologies for 2025 and beyond to paint a clearer picture.

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