TSMC: Demand for smartphones and PCs is declining

TSMC: تقاضا برای گوشی‌های هوشمند و رایانه‌های شخصی رو به کاهش است

Previously, smartphone brands had problems due to excessive customer demand. However, the CEO of TSMC says that the demand for smartphones is declining and manufacturers have the opportunity to make up for the lack of inventory of their products.

Earlier, some analysts had predicted that the iPhone SE 2022 would be in high demand; But in the end, it turned out that the demand for this phone was lower than expected. Now TSMC He has made a similar claim, stating the reason for this.

TSMC CEO’s opinion on mobile demand

Quoted from Informed source، «Mark Liu” That The current director of TSMC Is considered, says the demand for consumer electronics including Smart phones And PCs are down.

One of the main reasons for this is quarantines Rising coronary fever in China is presented. Taiwan Semiconductor Foundry (TSMC) is a major supplier of chips to various handsets and hardware companies in the world. The company now has the opportunity to produce and store more products, as Chinese customers are currently interested in smartphones. Low Has been.

This is not the whole story; Liu also talked about the possibility Increase the cost of parts and raw materials Warned. Liu actually acknowledges that the cost of producing chips for foundry companies is increasing. Pressure to increase costs eventually to consumers It is entered. This could reduce demand even more than the current situation.

Liu went on to say that TSMC wants to place orders for areas that are not in high demand. prioritize Slowly This decline in product demand has led some companies, including Apple, to reduce production of their handsets; The Cupertinos, for example, plan to produce fewer iPhone SE 2022s in the future.

What is your opinion on these statements of the President of TSMC?

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