TSMC may plan to build a second factory in Japan

TSMC may plan to build a second factory in Japan

Recently, unofficial news about Construction of TSMC’s second factory in Japan It has been published and it seems that the Taiwanese company is planning to build another production complex in this country. The main source of this news is Tokyo-based newspaper Nikkan Kogyo. However, it is not yet clear where this factory is going to be built, but the media has raised the possibility of its construction.

According to published reports, the new factory will focus on manufacturing 5 and 10nm chips and is not expected to start production until the middle of this decade. The manufacturing technology of this factory probably shows that this new production complex will focus more on the production of automotive industry chips and similar chipsets.

According to the information provided, it is said that the production cost of this factory will be more than 7.4 billion dollars. In this regard, the CEO of TSMC was previously asked about the construction of this factory, but he stated last weeks that he could not comment on this matter at the moment. The Taiwanese company is already building a new factory on the island of Kyushu in Japan to produce chips with 12 and 16 nm manufacturing technology, and it seems that the famous Taiwanese company is planning another more advanced factory in the same country.

TSMC is the second factory in Japan

TSMC also knows that the company’s customers will eventually move to using more advanced nodes, and the company’s decision to build a second more advanced factory in Japan could be logical. TSMC is considered the leader of the foundry and chip manufacturing sector in the world, and this company is the best company in the world both in terms of production capacity and production quality.

This company currently has 4 large factories for producing 12-inch wafers and 4 other factories for 8-inch wafers. The number of factories of this company is going to increase in the coming years, and this is happening while this company is considering to implement the supply chain and location of its factories in different geographical areas.

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