TSMC will start producing 2-nanometer chips from 2025

TSMC تولید تراشه‌های 2 نانومتری را از سال 2025 آغاز می‌کند

TSMC, the maker of the iPhone chip, has announced the production of chips 2 nanometers Take up to years 2025 Will begin. While Samsung and Intel have already announced when they will start making these chips, the Taiwanese giant has announced this for the first time.

According to the report Nikkei AsiaTSMC announced the news at an in-person event, and this is the first time that the iPhone chip maker has announced a plan to produce its 2-nanometer chips.

Advances in 2nm chips

The Taiwanese giant announced that their 2-nanometer technology will be based on the “nano-plate transistor architecture” to Function And Energy efficiency, To make significant progress. This architecture is quite different from the process used to make 5-nanometer chips, which are the most advanced option available. TSMC also stated that the acquisition of such new and advanced technology requires huge investments.

Although Apple is currently using TSMC 5-nanometer chips for its iPhones and Macs, it recently pressured the chip maker to produce a 3-nanometer processor for Macs in 2023. Despite the smaller chips, Apple can take advantage of new technologies and, of course, larger batteries in its iPhones and other products.

Apple also recently unveiled its new M2 chip for Macs, which is based on 5nm lithography.

2 nanometers

As one of TSMC’s most important competitors, Intel is committed to becoming a major chip maker by 2025. On the other hand, Samsung announced in April that it would produce 3-nanometer chips by the end of June this year. However, making smaller chips can be very challenging, as manufacturers have to put more transistors on the smaller processor.

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