Twitch stream service hacked: disclosure of source code and revenue information of streamers

سرویس استریم توییچ هک شد: افشای کد منبع و اطلاعات درآمد استریمرها

According to the VGC website, the Twitch stream service has been hacked and its source code has been leaked along with information on the content of content creators. So far, 125 gigabytes of data from the platform has been uploaded to the Internet, and it is said that this information even includes details about Amazon’s new competitor for Steam.

Report Video Games Chronicle An anonymous user who posted the information on the 4Chan website claims that the information leak was done to weaken Twitch and increase competition in the field of streaming services. Surveys show that this information is true and includes the latest Twitch changes in the last week.

Twitch disclosure information includes the following:

  • Twitch payments to content creators over the past 3 years
  • Complete history of twitch.tv committees
  • Source code for mobile clients, desktops and Twitch gaming consoles
  • Code for dedicated Twitch SDKs and AWS internal services used by this platform
  • Amazon Game Studios’ new competitor for Steam, which has not been released yet
  • Information on other Twitch subsets, including IGDB and CurseForge
  • Twitch internal security tools

The user who posted this information labeled them “Part One”. As a result, more information may have fallen into the hands of hackers. Twitch apparently became aware of the hack but has not yet notified its users. There does not appear to be a password or users’ private information in this database, but it is not possible to say with certainty whether this information has fallen into the hands of hackers.

Twitch has not yet officially commented on the incident. It is currently recommended that you change your password and use a two-step authentication system if you are a Twitch user.

Amazon’s streaming platform has long struggled to manage hate speech and content. Twitch streamers shut down one day in August in protest.

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