Twitter and Meta will be fined if they do not register their headquarters in Japan

توییتر و متا در صورت عدم ثبت دفاتر مرکزی خود در ژاپن، جریمه خواهند شد

According to some internal sources, the government Japan Some technology giants are supposed to To fine for not registering its headquarters in this country. A total of 48 tech companies such as Twitter, Meta and Google were asked to register their offices by the end of March, but apparently some companies, including twitter And Meta They have not yet done so and will face fines.

In early June, the Japanese Ministry of Justice announced once again that companies could continue to register their headquarters in Japan until June 13. In a statement, the ministry asked the court to fine companies that have not yet registered their offices in Japan.

Twitter and meta reasons for not registering offices

According to Nikkei Asia reportUnder Japanese corporate law, foreign companies that regularly operate in the country must register their headquarters. However, technology companies believe that they provide their services to the Japanese over the Internet and that their trade is not done by establishing a base in Japan.

They also insist that registering units based in Japan, such as those conducting in-house marketing operations, is sufficient.

However, the Japanese government has recognized that technology giants are constantly trading in the country, and failure to register their headquarters violates Japanese law. Meta and Twitter are among the companies that have not yet responded to the request.

If the headquarters of technology companies are registered in Japan, in case of problems, customers can file their complaints faster. The Japanese government, in support of consumer law, has called for the plan to be implemented.

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