Twitter announced Elon Musk as the cause of its financial loss in the second quarter of 2022

توییتر ایلان ماسک را به‌عنوان عامل زیان مالی خود در فصل دوم 2022 معرفی کرد

Twitter says that if Elon Musk had not entered into a deal with the company, they would have made more money in the last few months. This claim was made in the financial report of the second quarter of this company, where their income increased from 1.19 billion dollars in the same period of last year to 1.18 billion dollars it is arrived.

Twitter says their revenue from advertising is still the same 2 percent More than the same period last year has been. But the company still needs to increase the speed of its advertising revenue. In addition, the company considers the general economic conditions to have an effect on its financial position in the most recent quarter. However, according to Twitter executives, Elon Musk’s purchase agreement has been their biggest problem for revenue growth.

Musk started buying this social network in April. But recently he withdrew his offer and now he no longer wants to buy Twitter. Following Musk’s resignation letter to the Securities and Exchange Commission, the company sued the richest man in the world, and the parties now have to go to court to resolve the dispute.

Elon Musk’s contract worried Twitter customers

These events have caused Twitter to face problems in selling ads on its platform. Bloomberg previously said in a report that the company tried to Advertising customer concerns about Elon Musk’s contract. At first, they were worried that the implementation of Musk’s proposed changes might worsen the situation.

Twitter in the second quarter of 2022 approx $270 million net loss had, while in the same period of last year, he had made a profit of 66 million dollars. In addition, the company had posted annual revenue growth of 74% in the second quarter of 2021, but now it is facing financial difficulties again.

However, all these controversies apparently caused an increase in the number of users of this social network, increasing their numbers from 229 million in the first quarter of 2022 to 237 million has reached

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