Twitter board recommends to shareholders: Vote for Ilan Mask

توصیه هیئت مدیره توییتر به سهامداران: به نفع ایلان ماسک رای بدهید

Board of Directors twitter Unanimously advises shareholders to vote in favor of Ilan Mask to take over the social network to finalize the deal. Is supposed Shareholders In a meeting before the 2nd of October, announce their final opinion on the Twitter deal. If shareholders also approve the purchase, there is another legal barrier to Twitter taking over Ilan Mask Will not exist and the deal will be final.

Before the decision deadline, Board of Directors twitter Unanimously advises shareholders to vote in favor of Ilan Mask taking over the social network rather than buying $ 44 billion Confirmed at $ 54.20 per share. If the shareholders do not have an obstacle to fulfilling this contract, the contract will go through its legal path and Ilan Mask can officially take over Twitter.

With the approval of the shareholders, the Twitter transaction will be finalized

According to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on June 21 (June 21), the Twitter board unanimously recognized that the merger agreement was a viable option and asked shareholders to vote in favor of the deal.

The board announced that twitter It will host virtual meetings for the final vote on the contract. Of course, the date of the virtual meeting is not specified exactly, but this meeting must be held before the second of October to determine the final task. Actually November 2 (October 24) is the deadline for consulting shareholders.

If shareholders do Transaction If they vote yes, they will receive $ 54.20 per share. The issue comes as Ilan Musk questioned the number of fake Twitter users a few weeks ago and threatened to cancel the deal if the social network could not pinpoint the number of fake users.

The board has since agreed to release the data with Ilan Mask Share and solve this problem. Many analysts, however, believed that Tesla’s CEO wanted to somehow terminate the deal and was looking for an excuse. It remains to be seen how this deal will turn out in the end.

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