Twitter confirms: Spaces feature will be available to web users soon

Twitter confirms: Spaces feature will be available to web users soon

For the past few months, Twitter has been activating its voice chat feature called Spaces for iOS users and since last month for Android users. Now the company intends to make the same feature available to users of the web version.

For the first time, a user of this social network named Jane Manchun Wong Inform about this issue That Twitter will make the Spaces voice chat feature available to web users unveiled the appearance of this feature in the web version. Then one of the Twitter developers working on the Spaces feature published a few sketches of how to display this feature on the web version. Finally, Twitter has announced to the “Varge” website that this feature will officially come to the web version of Twitter.

Given that the Spaces voice chat feature is currently only available to Twitter users via mobile phones, the addition of this feature to the web version could be very significant, and Twitter can use it with the Clubhouse app, which is currently only available. Available to iOS users – Android version under construction – is set to compete.

Discord has also recently added voice chat to all of its versions, although Twitter could be in close competition with the platform that Microsoft recently announced it intends to buy.

Using the Spaces feature, Twitter users can set up various chat rooms and chat with other people. The voice chat feature, which was first unveiled with the Clubhouse app, has been very popular in the past few months, and now most companies, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Slack and Spotify, use this feature for their apps. They have considered.

Twitter has not yet announced when this feature will be enabled for web version users.

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