Twitter has formed its own specialized Ramzarz team

توییتر تیم تخصصی رمزارز خود را تشکیل داد

Twitter announced the formation of a specialized team in the field of cryptocurrencies called “Twitter Crypto” (Twitter Crypto), which is supposed to act as a scientific hub in the field of blockchain and follow the future strategies of this platform in the digital currency market.

This specialized team is managed and led by “Tess ReinarsonAn experienced engineer in the field of blockchain in China. He officially announced his presence on Twitter before To confirm He has led engineering teams in crypto startups such as Tendermint and Chain.

The new Twitter team led by Reinarson as the first step, Pending There are three main areas in the digital currency market. Initially, they intend to explore how they can continue to provide cryptocurrencies for payment on their platform.

In this regard, it will also be examined how blockchain technology can create other ways for manufacturers to earn money. Eventually, with the help of the BlueSky project, the team will lead Twitter’s efforts to “decentralize social media.”

The text of the Twitter statement reads:

There is a growing interest among developers in using decentralized applications to manage virtual goods and currencies. Tess will focus on this and will have a long-term goal of discovering cryptographic ideas that can help us transcend identity, community, and more.

Earlier last month, Twitter also enabled a bitcoin donation feature that allowed users to connect to a bitcoin wallet. Now, with this new team, it seems that their efforts to enter the blockchain arena are being pursued more seriously than before.

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