Twitter introduced the Communities feature in competition with Facebook groups

توییتر ویژگی Communities را در رقابت با گروه‌های فیسبوک معرفی کرد

Twitter introduced the new “Communities” feature with the aim of providing a space for users to discuss various topics and compete with Facebook groups. This feature is currently only available to a limited number of iOS and web users of this platform, but it is expected to be enabled for Android users soon.

Twitter with release Post on your blog Announced while looking to expand the Communities feature, but has not yet made it available to all users.

New Twitter feature now in the manner of sending invitations it works And users can create and manage it. Also, the creators of such spaces can invite an unlimited number of users to their group. Users will receive 5 invitations as soon as they join a forum and can invite new members. Community members can use this feature to share their tweets to all followers or people who are members of a particular community.

Tweets shared in a Community will also be displayed on the other members’ home page. These Tweets will not be seen in user profiles. Of course, Twitter forums are not completely private and others can view them, but only members can participate in discussions. Of course, Twitter is also expected to provide the ability to privatize a community in the future.

The important point of the new feature of Twitter is that in these communities, the admin must manage the content in question. Since everyone can view a forum’s tweets, it is also possible for them to post a report. According to Guide provided From Twitter, users can leave a forum at any stage. Administrators can also remove community members for violating any of the rules.

Users of iOS phones can access the Communities option via the navigation bar and users of the web version via the sidebar. A handful of forums such as #DogTwitter and #SkinCareTwitter are now available to users, but Twitter plans to create more in the coming weeks. For this purpose, those interested in starting an association can go to Twitter website Submit your request.

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