Twitter is testing the Safety Mood feature to limit annoying responses

توییتر با هدف محدود کردن پاسخ‌های آزاردهنده قابلیت Safety Mood را آزمایش می‌کند

Twitter is testing a new feature called “Safety Mode” aimed at paying attention to users’ mental health and limiting annoying responses. This feature is currently only available to some Twitter users.

Users who receive annoying or offensive responses on Twitter can automatically receive such messages by activating the Safety Mode feature. prevent. twitter In your blog post He says that this new feature evaluates the possibility of participation and conflict between people by considering the content of the tweet and the relationship between the author and the respondent. Users blocked by this feature can no longer follow the relevant account and view the tweets of that account.

However, in this case, users will be blocked for at least seven days and their accounts will be displayed in a special section for the Safety Mode feature. Accounts tracked by the primary user will also not be automatically blocked.

Twitter claims to have consulted with its trusted experts in online safety, mental health and human rights to develop the new state. The statement from the popular online platform reads:

We want you to enjoy healthy conversations, so with our new experiment we will limit the unwanted interactions that can affect your conversations. Our goal is to better protect users who send tweets by reducing the spread of these comments.

Twitter has now enabled Safety Mood for some Twitter users and will continue to experiment with more people after receiving appropriate feedback. Of course, Twitter intends to consider certain improvements and settings for all users before releasing this feature.

Among the things that have recently been added to the Twitter platform is Ticketed Spaces, which users can use to charge other people to enter live chats. It was also recently revealed that the social network intends to offer another feature called “Replay” for Spaces so that hosts can record their own audio programs and make them available to all users.

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