Twitter is working on three new tags to combat the spread of misinformation

توییتر روی سه برچسب جدید برای مقابله با نشر اطلاعات غلط کار می‌کند

Twitter is working on several misinformation information tags that will help increase the awareness of the users of this social network. The company has taken the fight against misinformation to a more serious level and will probably make these labels public soon.

A software researcher named Jin Wang Says Twitter is working on three new warning tags to combat misinformation. These three tags are: Get the latest meaning “Get the latest information”, Stay Informed meaning “gaining awareness” and Misleading meaning “misleading information”. Ms. Wang says Twitter will use one of these three tags, depending on the content of the tweet.

This software researcher has provided examples for these tags. For example, if someone announces in a tweet that he “inhaled 60 grams of dihydrogen monoxide and is no longer happy,” he tweets “Get the latest” on his post, prompting readers to read about H2O, or water, which is a common name. Dihydrogen monoxide is inviting.

If a person tweets, “Darkness will cover parts of the world in 12 hours,” the “Stay Informed” tag will appear because it refers to time zones and does not mean the end of the world.

Also, if a user says, “We eat, turtles eat, so we are turtles,” the Misleading tag will appear on this tweet, as this is a fallacy.

Tagging helps reduce the spread of fake news on social media. Facebook is also working on ways to prevent the spread of misleading information, trying to limit the display of fake posts and let users know if that audience has already posted fake news.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

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