Twitter mistakenly gave six fake accounts, including a blue tick

توییتر اشتباهی به ۶ حساب جعلی از جمله یک گربه تیک آبی داده بود

Twitter has randomly confirmed at least 6 fake accounts that may be part of a button spam. For these accounts, fake images that do not exist externally are used, and among them, the account of a cat can be seen.

One of the Twitter users with the “Conspirador Norteño” account for the first time created fake user accounts in this social network Identified Less than a month after their creation. The account tweeted that the 976 fraudulent accounts were part of a botnet network, which includes at least 1,212 accounts.

For the photo of three fake accounts, pictures of a woman were used, in two cases, a picture of a woman and one of them, a picture of a cat. According to a screenshot taken by Norteño, the cat’s biography reads: “Anlamislar official account”. This account has only 1039 followers on Twitter. It is not yet clear who creates these fake accounts and what their purpose is. However, spam has been reported in Korean through these accounts.

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One of the questions that arises here is how such accounts can receive Twitter verification and whether it is really possible to obtain authentication for fake accounts.

Twitter is paying attention to the removal of fake accounts, and last year it deleted tens of thousands of accounts affiliated with the governments of China, Russia and Turkey for spreading fake news and violating the social network’s rules. The social network also fights the spread of misinformation, and last year launched programs to remove misleading tweets from its network.

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