Twitter offers Super Follows in three monthly subscription plans

توییتر قابلیت Super Follows را در سه طرح اشتراک ماهانه عرضه می‌کند

Twitter is making Super Follows available to some users in three subscription plans, $ 2.99, $ 4.99 and $ 9.99 per month, in order to satisfy its users. Users will be able to access exclusive content and special discussions of Twitter members using the “Super Follow” feature for a monthly subscription fee.

Twitter on Post your blog To introduce the Super Follows feature, he wrote:

Today we are very happy to introduce the Super Follows feature. A new way for users and, of course, businesses to earn some money by sharing some content with users. With Super Follows, users can reach a new level of communication and be able to have a real connection with their most committed followers and at the same time earn money.

As “Jin Manchun Wang” famous and credible revealer explains, Twitter offers three different subscription options for Super Follow, which cost $ 2.99, $ 4.99 and $ 9.99 per month, respectively. However, Twitter has a few good examples of using Super Follows on its blog proposed. For example, a user with a name KingJosiah54 He offers his in-depth sports analysis only to people who have “super-followed” him and paid for it.

The Super Follows feature is currently only enabled for the limited number of US users who have requested it. Of course, it seems that new people from the same area can still apply. Also, only people who are at least 10,000 followers and over 18 years old will be on the waiting list. Also, they must have tweeted 25 times in the last 30 days and their tweets should not be against the general rules of Twitter. On the other hand, only by selecting the Super Follows button, you can access the encouraging content of others.

In 2021, Twitter will continue to work hard to enhance its overall platform experience for users. Capabilities such as Ticketed Spaces and Tip Jar have been introduced this year to increase the platform’s revenue.

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