Twitter probably records the history of edited tweets

توییتر احتمالا تاریخچه توییت‌های ویرایش شده را ثبت می‌کند

Twitter had a very busy week and in addition to the offer Ilan Mask To buy it, it was announced that the button Edit Tweet ‌ Is also available. Now one of the authoritative sources has announced Twitter History Saves users’ edited tweets.

Jin Manchun Wang, a well-known Twitter reverse engineer Your new tweet Explains that the ability to edit tweets also has a feature “unchangeable” Will mean that Twitter may create a completely new tweet that includes previous versions when editing.

He wrote in his tweet:

“Twitter seems to have an unchanging approach to the ‘tweet editing’ feature, because instead of changing the tweet text, it recreates a new version with modified content along with a list of previous tweets.”

On the other hand, “Alessandro Palozi”, an app expert, also took pictures of How to display Edit tweet button Revealed in the image. In these images, the “Edit Tweets” option is displayed in the three-point menu to the right of the tweets. Selecting this button takes users to another page, which is very similar to a regular Twitter notebook, but already has users’ tweets in it, and in the right corner, instead of the “Tweet” button, the word “update” appears.

Comment by one of the critics of the edit tweet option

Edit Tweet ‌

Manchun Wang goes on to point out that it is not yet clear how the tweet edit history will be displayed to users. On the other hand, there is also the possibility that Twitter will not make them publicly available to users because Some critics believe This is the way to change General history And Misleading users to be used.

NPR reporter Shannon Band explains:

“For powerful users such as journalists, politicians and celebrities, Twitter acts as an instant news network where tweets are part of public documents. “Remember how former President Donald Trump used it to express his views and even to determine policy.”

Twitter has not yet officially announced the release date of the edits, and according to Twitter spokeswoman Anna Hobatsch, there is nothing more to offer at this time.

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