Twitter purchase by Ilan Mask and important questions for which we still do not have answers

استراتژی «قرص سمی» توییتر برای مقابله با پیشنهاد خرید ایلان ماسک چیست؟

Last night finally the board twitter By handing over this social network to the richest person in the world, Ilan Mask Agreed. But the deal has raised many questions and ambiguities about the future of Twitter, for which we do not yet have a definite answer.

The news was short and of course important: Ilan bought the Twitter mask! Now the richest person in the world is in the category of people like Jeff Bezos who also have a medium in the companies they manage, of course modern and influential media in which changes can affect a large community.

Ilan Mask for every Twitter share $ 54.20 Cash pays, exactly the same offer he made less than two weeks ago, calling it his best and last offer. The total amount of the contract is close $ 44 billion arrives.

Unanswered questions about the future of Twitter

Now with the sale of this social network to Mask, many questions have arisen that involve many people; From ordinary users to employees and investors and even politicians. Below we take a look at the questions that have not yet been answered.

Who will manage Twitter?

One of the most important questions about the future of Twitter is who Ilan Musk will choose as CEO. The current CEO means “Parag AgrawalIt has been a short time since he took over the management of this social network, and before that, for a long time, Jack Dorsey was the CEO of this company.

Shortly after starting Agrawal management, Musk became the largest individual shareholder in the social network with a 9.2% acquisition and now owns it as a whole. Agrawal recently said he had no idea of ​​the future, but that he and his staff would continue to work until the deal was completed. However, we expect that Mask will eventually choose a new CEO for this social network, or maybe even take over the management himself.

Who will be the board members?

Twitter’s board is now co-founded by Salesforce founder «Brett Taylor“Is led and in the past with an approach”Toxic pillsHe tried to prevent the sale of this social network to people like Ilan Mask. But now that he has bought the Twitter mask and wants to privatize it, what will happen to the board?

Ilan Musk has said in the past that if he buys Twitter, he will not give the board any salary. Of course, the board will change completely and Mask will go to people who will help him in achieving his goals in the long run. Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey may be helping the world’s richest man along the way, as he has already welcomed the purchase of Twitter by Mask.

How much will Ilan Mask interfere in the management of Twitter?

Twitter is being sold entirely to Ilan Mask, but we do not know how much Mask himself wants to play a role in the management of this social network. Currently the richest man in the world manages Tesla, the most valuable automaker in the world $ 1 trillionSpaceX, worth approximately $ 100 billion, owns the company Noralink and Boring startups, so will it find time for Twitter?

Ilan Mask and Twitter

It is possible that Mask will take Jeff Bezos’ approach to the Washington Post and allow an independent management team to take over. But maybe he will take a completely different strategy and do everything himself. To answer this question, we will probably have to wait a while to see what Mask really has in store for Twitter.

What will Twitter change?

Elan Musk has been posting comments about the future of the social network since it bought a 9.2% stake in Twitter, as well as conducting a poll about features such as adding a tweet edit button. But with the purchase of this social network, will its changes be based on the results of these polls?

Musk said he wants to expand freedom of expression on Twitter and bring new features to it. In addition, the algorithm opens its text to make its operation more transparent. In general, the richest person in the world, you see a lot of potential on Twitter.

If you want to know what Ilan Mask means by free speech, you can check out his tweet several hours before the announcement of the Twitter purchase; Tweet as follows:

“I hope even my worst critics stay on Twitter, because that’s what freedom of speech means.”

But we have to wait and see how similar Ilan Mask’s words and actions will be.

Will Donald Trump return to Twitter?

By attacking the fans Donald Trump, The former US president went to the Palace of Congress, his personal Twitter account was permanently closed. But now that Mask has taken over Twitter, many are hoping Trump’s account will be restored, but will Trump return to Twitter?

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Trump has said he has no plans to return to the social network, both when Musk bought 9.2 shares and now that Twitter is owned by the richest man in the world, and will remain on Truth Social, his own social network. But Trump’s behavior is not very predictable, and he may change his mind and return to Twitter in a few months, especially as we approach the 2024 US election.

What future awaits Twitter employees?

With the privatization of Twitter, Ilan Mask is moving to a new structure for employees, and of course the shares allocated to employees and gifts are becoming meaningless. But are they being replaced by new ones? What will happen to the current employees?

The technology industry is becoming more and more competitive, and employees must work harder to stay afloat. But if this is not taken into account, structural changes will certainly lead to a reduction in force. If Ilan Mask decides to make content management easier Monitoring A large number of Twitter employees will no longer have a use for this social network. So we do not know what dream the richest person in the world has dreamed for Twitter employees.

What’s wrong with Tesla shares?

This question may seem a little irrelevant, but Tesla is the most important company under the management of Ilan Mask, which has only recently become profitable. Now that Mask is buying Twitter, he has to focus a little on this social network, even if he goes for an independent management team.

This low concentration can also disrupt Tesla’s performance, which means reduced revenue and profitability. Of course, there is no guarantee for this, and that is why it has become one of the unanswered questions.

Some of the above questions will probably be answered in the next week or two, or even sooner, however, it seems that during this contract, the biggest damage will be to Twitter employees; Employees who do not envision a future for themselves.

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