Twitter tests liking and dislocation options in the replay section of tweets

توییتر گزینه‌های لایک و دیسلاک کردن را در قسمت ریپلای توییت‌ها آزمایش می‌کند

Twitter has temporarily added the “Agree” and “Agree” options to the Tweets replay section for some iOS users so that users can comment on the replies given in the tweets. The result of the dislikes is shown only to the author of the tweets and likes.

Twitter has confirmed on its platform the addition of pros and cons to iOS users on a trial basis. Related options in the form of up and down arrow or heart and down arrow icons for users is shown. And for now, only a positive or affirmative vote, which is almost identical to the like, is publicly visible.

Twitter explains that the dissenting option is not the same as “dislike” and has added it solely for the purpose of further consideration of users’ comments. In fact, when a tweet is published, some users respond to that tweet or reply. The new Like and Dislike feature in the Replay section helps users to express their pros and cons in this section with a simple tap.

In fact, it seems that the dissenting option only applies to tweet responses and will not include the original tweet. The Reddit social network also supports this feature, but the order in which the responses are displayed on Twitter does not seem to have anything to do with its negative or positive votes.

The “dislike” option is one of the features that users of Twitter and other platforms such as Facebook have long requested to be added. Last week, Twitter decided to permanently disable the Flit feature and create new ways for users to post more tweets. This feature seems to be one of the tests of this social network to engage users and in some cases can increase its popularity.

Currently, this feature is only enabled for some users of the iOS version of Twitter, and there is no information about when it will be publicly activated.

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