Twitter unveils new feature for businesses; View contact information in profile

توییتر از قابلیت جدیدی برای کسب‌و‌کارها رونمایی کرد؛ نمایش اطلاعات تماس در پروفایل

A new Twitter feature called Location Spotlight aims to use professional accounts in particular Businesses Designed so that businesses can get more details such as location, contact information and business hours profile Show yourself.

As Twitter on your website Despite this feature, users will have access to new information and options when they visit a business profile, he explains. One of these options is related to the location of the business, and when users tap on it, they access the store path through map apps such as Google Maps.

Connect with customers on Twitter

In addition, businesses can also add a way to connect with their customers, such as “phone number” or “link to send email” to their profile.

The new feature of Twitter is similar to search engine business cards and Google Maps, which also displays information such as location, website, business hours and contact information of businesses.

This new feature is now only available to users in some parts of the world, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia, and is expected to be available to all users soon.


Jin Manchun WongA well-known researcher of applications, recently said in the above image that Twitter has made changes in the settings related to the sharing of Location Spotlight data.

Earlier this year, Twitter made it possible for users to create professional profiles so that businesses and content creators could access items such as displaying their products and catalogs or creating newsletters.

Currently, the main news on Twitter is related to Ilan Mask’s $ 44 billion offer to buy it, which is said to have a new meeting today. Meanwhile, there are many reports of new Twitter features, including the ability to edit tweets.

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