Two new games in the Dead By Daylight series are in development

Two new games in the Dead By Daylight series are in development

Supermassive Games and Midwinter Entertainment are working on two new titles from the Dead by Daylight series. Supermassive Games is developing a single-player story game from the series, and Midwinter Entertainment is working on developing a multiplayer PvE title.

Dead by Daylight is one of the famous IPs of the computer game industry in the horror genre, which celebrates its seventh anniversary this year. Behavior Interactive plans to expand this IP. During the 7th anniversary of the series, this company announced that two new titles from the world of Dead by Daylight are under development.

Making two new games from the mysterious world of Dead by Daylight

It should be mentioned that the Supermassive Games studio is going to make a single-player story game from the DBD world. This studio has a significant history in the development of horror games such as Until Dawn and Quarry. Supermassive Games promises players a powerful interactive story with shocking life-and-death decisions. The studio announced the first information about the fictional project Title: Dead by Daylight It will be available to players this year.

On the other hand, Midwinter Entertainment Studio is in charge of producing an online multiplayer PVE game from the said series. This studio was bought by Behavior Interactive last year. This game is going to have many differences from the original title. In this game, four players can enter the Entity and fight with unnatural creatures. The studio emphasized that the PVE game from the world of Dead by Daylight is going through the initial stages of construction, and players will not have access to its first information soon.

Two new games from Dead by Daylight

Behavior Interactive company mentioned the addition of actor “Nicolas Cage” to Dead By Daylight by releasing a trailer. It is not yet clear on what date this character will be added to the said game, but it may follow the mechanisms of “Ash Williams” and “Mikaela Reid”. Further, Behavior Interactive announced in March that it is negotiating with the Blumhouse Production studio in order to provide conditions for the production of the Dead by Daylight movie. Also, the first edition of the Dead by Daylight graphic novels will be released digitally in early June.

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