Ubisoft bought GameBlocks to fight computer game fraud

Ubisoft bought GameBlocks to fight computer game fraud

The developers of computer games are in a never-ending battle with fraudsters, but now Ubisoft intends to fight these people more seriously at a cost-effective level. The company recently purchased a tool called FairFight that intelligently fights fraud.

According to reports Gamasutra website, A subsidiary of Ubisoft called i3D.net, has acquired a company called GameBlocks, which develops a tool called FairFight to combat server-side fraud. The i3D.net team wants to bring the FairFight tool to the ONE Game Hosting platform. This platform is used by many great gamers. The company wants to expand the capabilities of its fraud detection system.

Ubisoft has already finalized its contract, however we do not know how much it would cost the company to buy GameBlocks. Of course, Ubisoft has promised to continue supporting current GameBlocks customers.

This deal can help Ubisoft have a better chance of dealing with fraudsters. In the past, FairFight has been used in various games such as Ubisoft’s own Rainbow Six Siege and EA’s Battlefield V. This tool instantly seeks out fraud through non-invasive analysis of algorithmic behavior.

In this way, the developers determine the tolerance level of their algorithm, and the system can technically advance as the frauds progress. At the same time, the user is not pressured to make special arrangements on his computer so that he is not recognized as a fraud.

Of course, buying GameBlocks does not mean that there is a guarantee that the number of hacks will be reduced, but at least now Ubisoft is thinking of taking more serious measures against fraudsters to provide a better experience for its regular users. Any gamer who has encountered these scams knows how frustrating the experience of such events can be.

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