Unbelievable and LG cooperation in the field of manufacturing batteries for electric vehicles

همکاری بی‌وای‌دی و ال‌جی در زمینه ساخت باتری برای خودروهای الکتریکی

BYD is one of the leading companies in the Chinese automotive industry. A company that in many countries is more famous than its cars; It is famous for making batteries and electrical equipment. Periodically, Carmania brought a number of BYD passenger cars to Iran. BYD’s progress in the manufacture of batteries and electric vehicles in recent years has been commendable. BYD even manufactures and exports electric buses to some countries. It is now reported that BYD intends to expand the scope of its activities, and in this way, it is thinking of selling more and expanding cooperation with companies such as LG.

BYD seeks the satisfaction of amprex and LG. Both companies are leaders in the battery industry. They are supposed to be lithium-ion batteries powered by food; As a subset of BYD; Sell ​​the products to other companies. This new collaboration program is of great importance to BYD. Because until now, this company had not offered its batteries to other companies. Manufacture of batteries for electric vehicles; The main axis of activity is BYD.

BYD battery

The third company to dominate China’s electric passenger car market; BYD. More than 10% of this market is owned by BYD. Of course, BYD’s share of the global electric vehicle market is less than 10%; It ranks fourth in the world. BYD at the end of 2020; Recorded sales growth of 26%, bringing its total sales to 153.4 billion yuan. Most of this growth has come from sales of new smartphone parts and electrical products.

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