Unfiltered internet for university professors and faculty members

1674626123 741 Unfiltered internet for university professors and faculty members Unfiltered internet for university professors and faculty members 1

These days, the talk about the “Class Internet” plan is very hot and more serious than ever. Not long ago, we witnessed the implementation of this project by providing unfiltered internet with a fixed IP to the members of the Iran Computer Union and presenting it to programmers in the future, and now, we have witnessed the implementation of its next phase, which is the establishment of unfiltered internet for professors and university faculty members. Are; This plan is quite serious and is being vigorously implemented.

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Unfiltered internet for university professors – this is a serious plan

Recently, the legal vice-chancellor of the Ministry of Science has requested the presidents of universities and higher education centers to submit to this vice-chancellor the list of their faculty members to receive “open internet” or our own unfiltered internet.

1674626123 741 Unfiltered internet for university professors and faculty members Unfiltered internet for university professors and faculty members 3

The text of this letter is as follows:

“Regarding the approval of the 129th meeting of the working group to determine instances of criminal content, please order to prepare a list of respected faculty members of that institution based on the attached form in Excel file format to access the open Internet in order to use international platforms and websites with Please send scientific, educational and technological content to this deputy as a matter of urgency for further actions.”

As you can see, this letter refers to the approvals of the 129th meeting of the working group for determining examples of criminal content. We do not know the content of this meeting and its approvals, but most likely some of the strange news that we hear these days – such as this class internet plan – are part of the approvals of this meeting or of this working group in general.

Another very interesting point about this letter is the application plan and type of use of open internet for university professors:Using international platforms and websites with scientific, educational and technological contentยป. The meaning of this phrase is that there is not even news of a free Internet – in the sense that many of us mean – for university professors, and only access to a series of websites and systems approved by higher authorities is opened for this group; Websites that are still unknown. Of course, this issue was foreseen from the first day and we knew that these days not everyone is given “real free internet”, with conditions.

Class internet – the black nightmare we live with

If Abraham Maslow was still alive and wanted to compile the “Pyramid of Human Needs” these days, he would have definitely placed the “need for the Internet and access to the free flow of information” somewhere between the first and second tiers of the pyramid and in the category of “biological needs” and “needs for “security”. Living in the era of communication without access to the free circulation of information is a real nightmare, a nightmare that has become the reality of our Iranian lives, and at least in the short-term horizon, there is no news of its end, but it is getting darker day by day. Perhaps it can be said that we Iranians are the only nation in history that not only1984 George Orwell“, but we live it.

1674626123 870 Unfiltered internet for university professors and faculty members Unfiltered internet for university professors and faculty members 5
We live in 1984.

The class internet plan is more like a kind of medieval torture. This plan is just like denying basic needs like water and shelter from the majority of people in the society and providing them to some sections of the society only in a limited and selective and of course controlled manner. The free flow of information is productive when it is available to all people in society, just like food. It is not possible to feed some people and keep others hungry and expect the growth and development and security of the society. Such a plan is an obvious and obvious discrimination and causes more polarization and increase of inflammation in the society and its unpredictability, that is the Iranian society which has seen its opportunities burn day by day and even in the current situation it is like a time bomb.

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