Unveiling MSI B760 series mid-range motherboards for Raptor Lake processors

Unveiling MSI B760 series mid-range motherboards for Raptor Lake processors

Intel introduced the Z790 platform in the market last year and impressed enthusiasts and gamers with its interesting features, however this year We have to wait for the latest Intel B760 mid-range platform for Intel’s 13th generation processors, and recently MSI unveiled its B760 series motherboards at this year’s CES.

MSI B760 motherboards, which are considered as mid-range boards with unique design and acceptable specifications, are going to be available for normal users. The B760 platform has good features and this platform supports MAG, MPG and PRO series of products. Users who choose MAG series can benefit from black TOMAHAWK and white MORTAR motherboards.

MSI MAG series motherboards come from 12 Duet Rail power system with 75A DrMOS and six-layer PCB with thickened copper, and the use of these materials and their design can bring stable electric current to the CPU. MSI MAG B760 series motherboards use Lightning Gen 5 PCIe and up to 3 M.2 Gen 4 slots.

MSI B760 motherboards

In MAG series motherboards, MSI has used heat transfer solutions including heat sink and all-aluminum design to deal with high heat. M.2 slots come with M.2 Shield Frozr. Another series of this platform is MSI PRO, and with a linear and simple design, it is supposed to be more suitable and harmonious for offices or studios. MSI has developed these boards with the aim of meeting the needs of commercial companies, and this series, like MAG, supports the 12 Duet Rail electrical power distribution system.

Support for 2.0 NVMe SSD along with Lightning Gen4 PCIe has also been made available. For those interested in ITX boards, MSI offers the MPG B760I EDGE WIFI DDR4 series, and this product is going to be supplied with an aluminum heatsink in silver white color. These boards come with support for 8 direct phase A DrMOS 90 and eight PCB layers with thick copper support and seem suitable for supporting Intel’s 13th generation motherboard series.

MSI B760 motherboards

This series supports the latest SSD port with PCIe Gen 5 support and two M.2 slots are also placed on the board. The MSI B760 motherboard series provides customers with both DDR4 and DDR5 options. By offering these motherboards, MSI provides customers with the right to choose DDR4 and DDR5, and all of these motherboards support Wi-Fi 6E and 2.5G LAN communication technologies.

In addition, MSI B760 motherboards come with proprietary IO Shield and EZ M.2 technologies for easy component installation. MSI is set to showcase the B760 series motherboards during CES in the coming days, marking MSI’s first appearance at CES in three years.

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