Unveiling the first person mode of Dead Space game

Unveiling the first person mode of Dead Space game

A development team has designed a mod that invites players to experience Dead Space 1 in a first-person camera.

The Reverse Engineering Gamer team recently designed and released a new mod for Dead Space 1. By installing this mod, players can add the first-person camera mode to the gameplay of “Dead Space”. Undoubtedly, with the first-person camera view in Dead Space, players will not be able to see the enemies behind them. So this issue makes the experience of this game more scary for the players.

Pros and cons of the first person mode of Dead Space

Of course, this mode has a great weakness; Because the player loses the ability to see Isaac’s health. Therefore, he is forced to acquire all the available health packages during the game every time. The developers of this mod announced that it took five days to develop its central idea. But the full development time of this mod lasted for five months, because it was necessary to set this mod precisely with locating, positioning, fixing markers and comparing variables.

The first person mode of the game Dead Space

They also state that the original mod was only supposed to add a free camera and reckless exploration mode to Dead Space 1, but it quickly became the “first-person camera” for the game. Users can download this mod from the site Nexus Mode to receive It should be noted that the “first person camera” mode is designed only for the original version of the game and can be used on Reconstructed version will not be. You can watch the first person mode video of Dead Space 1 at the bottom of the page:

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