Unveiling the full map of the Hogwarts Legacy game

Unveiling the full map of the Hogwarts Legacy game

On the eve of the release of the expected game “Hogwarts Legacy”, cyberspace users were able to access the complete map of this game.

According to the wccftech website, a number of users have accessed the Hogwarts Legacy game map and its Trophies list. In the leaked map of The Hogwarts Legacy, players are faced with a fairly large map. The size of this map means that they can spend hours exploring the world of Hogwarts. Locations on this map are marked by flames and village markers. There are also separate unlocked maps showing Hogwaters School and Hogsmeade Village. Of course, players should know that this map is not as big as Red Dead Redemption 2.

Full map of Hogwarts Legacy game

Full Hogwarts Legacy game map and trophy list

At the same time, users have obtained complete information from the list of trophies of this game for “Playstation 4” and “Playstation 5” consoles. Looking at the Trophies list of Hogwarts Legacy, it seems that players have a hard time collecting special points in the world of Hogwarts. You can see the complete list of trophies in The Hogwarts Legacy game by clicking on this link view

Hogwarts Legacy is likely to become one of the most controversial games of 2023. Despite the recent controversies surrounding the franchise and JKRowling herself, this game may face a high sales pitch in the marketing of the video game industry.

Hogwarts Legacy is an ambitious role-playing game where players can explore the open world of Hogwarts for a long time. In this game, they can visit familiar and new places in the world of Harry Potter, discover amazing animals, increase their wizarding skills and create their own mysterious world with the ability to customize.

Hogwarts Legacy game in history February 10, 2023 (21 February) It will be released for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC. 8th generation versions of this title in history April 4 (April 15) And the version of “Nintendo Switch” (Nintendo Switch) in history July 25 (August 3) will be offered.

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