US Food and Drug Administration approves booster dose of Pfizer and modern vaccine for all adults

US FDA warns of rare side effects of coronary heart US Food and Drug Administration approves booster dose of Pfizer and modern vaccine for all adults 1

Pfizer / Biontech and Moderna have announced that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a booster dose of their corona vaccine for all adults. The agency had previously authorized the booster dose only for the elderly and at-risk groups.

Dr. Peter Marx, Director of the FDA Biological Assessment and Research Center Says“The Food and Drug Administration has concluded that the available data support the expansion of the range of injections of a booster dose of the modern corona vaccine and Pfizer-bionatec to people over 18 years of age.”

Although corona vaccines available in the United States have so far been largely effective in preventing hospitalization and death from Covid-19, their effectiveness in preventing the virus has declined. Increasing the immunity of American citizens to the virus will increase with the general authorization of the booster dose of the vaccine.

Pfizer has shown in clinical trials that people who receive up to 95% of the third dose are safer than those who have only received two doses of the vaccine. On this account, the level of immunity returns to the same range that was observed at the beginning of the epidemic in clinical trials of vaccines.

Research in some countries, including the United Kingdom, which has recently started using the third dose, shows that this dose can be very effective in reducing the number of cases. In the UK, anyone over the age of 40 can receive a booster dose.

The Pfizer and Modern vaccine in the United States has so far only been available to people over the age of 65, people at high risk for serious illness, medical staff, and other high-risk occupations. However, some states have released booster injections for all adults in recent weeks in response to an increase in the number of patients. Even those who have received the Johnson & Johnson single dose vaccine can take the booster dose as a second dose.

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