Use of microchips to monitor the migration path of butterflies

استفاده از ریز تراشه‌ها برای رصد و بررسی مسیر مهاجرت پروانه‌ها

There are many migratory animals of different species in the world, of which butterflies are a part. The migration of butterflies is one of the fascinating topics among migratory animals that has attracted the attention of scientists. In this regard, a series of microchips have been used to monitor the motion of a group of impellers to determine their routing method.

Microchips are important points for entering the amazing world of smaller creatures. These chips can give us important information to see Smaller creatures How they strive for their survival. This time it’s time to review a series the butterfly It’s time to see how they migrate.

Tracking the migration path of butterflies through microchips

reports Millions of royal butterflies are reported to migrate to a specific part of the mountain peaks in central Mexico each fall. This may sound simple, but it’s how insects with their very small brains do long way Remember is debatable. So the scientists tracked their trajectories by attaching the microchip to a group of butterflies.

Interestingly, these butterflies change their trajectory in the face of climate change and hazards. In the past, larger migratory animals were easy to migrate, but smaller insects, such as butterflies, were difficult to track before using microchips. Interesting as the title The largest group of migratory creatures Dedicated to insects.

Scientists use a type of small sensor platform to track the travel of these butterflies mSAIL Used specifically designed for King’s species butterflies. This small chip only 62 mg It weighs. Its dimensions are only a few millimeters. Thanks to this technology, light intensity and temperature can be measured at the same time.

To test the performance of the mSAIL microchip, researchers attached it to live royal butterflies in a botanical garden. This platform worked well and was able to provide them with various information and data. Therefore, it can be used to track the movement of other organisms.

The next step of this project, Mass production of 100 pieces It is mSAIL sensors that can be reliably attached to royalty licenses during their quarterly migration. There are a lot of expectations from this project and we are probably going to see bigger measures in this field.

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