Used Android phones drop in price twice as much as iPhones

Used Android phones drop in price twice as much as iPhones

Are Android phones losing their value in the market sooner or iPhones? In fact, after buying an Android phone, how much does its price drop over time?

Some smartphones are used by users even after months; But they still sell well in the second-hand market. With the increase in the price of mobile phones in the market, some users tend to buy used phones. website “BankMyCell » By publishing a report, it intends to help such users to buy a suitable smartphone at a reasonable price.

By reviewing the price of 310 used phones, this website has published interesting information about the drop in the price of phones and their depreciation rate, according to which Android phones lose their value twice as fast as iPhones.

Market research shows that after four years, iPhones lose an average of 66.43% of their original value and Android phones 81.11% of their original value.

The same report claims that Android phones priced at $ 350 or less lose half their value in the first year. In fact, the value of low-end handsets from popular brands such as Samsung, Motorola, LG, HTC and Google has dropped by an average of 52.61% in 2019 and 2020.

According to a report published by this website, 9 months after the release of the Galaxy S20 Ultra, the price of the used version was 64.71% of the initial price. Meanwhile, in the same period, the price of the used iPhone 11 Pro Max has decreased by about 32.22% compared to the new device.

Used Android phones drop in price twice as much as Used Android phones drop in price twice as much as iPhones 2

Of course, the story is not the same for all iPhones, and for example, the price of a used iPhone SE 2020 drops by about 38.32% after only 8 months.

Prices of used Android smartphones, priced at $ 350 or less, are down about 52.61 percent in the first year, about 73.61 percent in the second year, about 85.15 percent in the third year, and about 94.90 percent in the fourth year compared to the original price.

For example, the price of a used Samsung Galaxy A50 smartphone drops by about 79.94% after about two years compared to the new version. The price of the used Motorola G7 also dropped by 79.17% within nine months of its unveiling and by 61.97% within a year.

The price of Google Pixel phones also generally drops by about 40.17% after one year. According to the report, users who have purchased one of the 10 best-selling Google Pixel phones, their price will decrease by 40.17% after about 12 months.

Statistics from this website show that the biggest drop in prices was related to HTC phones, whose prices dropped by about 53.08% in one year.

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