Vacancy of the official applications of the country’s banks in Google Play; The flow of fake applications continues

جای خالی اپلیکیشن‌های رسمی بانک‌های کشور در گوگل‌پلی؛ جولان اپلیکیشن‌های جعلی ادامه دارد

On the morning of Wednesday, November 10, the FATA Police Deputy Chief of Police said that cybercriminals, by designing and sending fake applications from Saderat, Keshavarzi and Sepah banks to Google Play, provided the ground for fraud. Receive the official website of Iranian banks or markets. This reminds us of how important banking applications are and how troublesome it can be to use a fake app.

Col. Ramin Pashaei, FATA Police Deputy Chief of Social Affairs, said: “If customers need to install banking applications, they must receive them from local markets or official sites of operating banks, and receive other active applications they need in the same way.” “They should strictly refrain from receiving and installing infected applications, most of which are linked to them by cybercriminals through text messages or text messages sent by messengers and social networks.”

Following the announcement of this news by the FATA police, the observation of users shows that the fake applications of some banks have been downloaded several thousand times; This means that the number of victims is increasing day by day.

Absence of banks in Google Play, sanctions or selection?

A simple search on the Google Play platform indicates that most Iranian banks are not officially operating in this platform and only Iranian financial and payment applications are available. Now, this image is based on what some Iranian applications, including Rubika, Filimo, and Niche, experienced in the last few months regarding the sudden removal due to sanctions; It has formed the mentality that Iranian banks will not be able to participate in Google Play due to international sanctions.

The main question, however, arises when, despite the absence of Iranian banks, how come fake applications are present in the Google Play platform and are not involved in sanctions laws? The issue of sanctions and the constant lack of transparency have created conditions in which it is not easy to investigate the reason for the presence or absence of operators. The point seems to be that some banks still do not clearly know that sanctions affect their presence on Google Play, or that only the App Store operates sanctions on Iranian applications.

Karim Khamseh, an expert in banking information technology

“The fact that some banks are not on Google Play is not related to sanctions on Iranian banks,” Karim Khamseh, a veteran banking information technology expert, told Digito. “On the other hand, if you go to the Google Play platform now, you can see a number of banks whose applications are available on Google Play.”

Asked if the activity of fake applications was related to the sanctions process, Khamseh said: “The fact that several fake applications called banks have been accessed through Google Play has nothing to do with the issue of sanctions. “This process must be safely examined by the government and the relevant institutions and the banks themselves.”

It is possible for banks to be present in Google Play

“Since financial applications without the challenges associated with sanctions are still present in Google Play, there is still a problem in this,” said the secretary of the Fintech Iran Association, noting that banks have the ability to participate in Google Play and that sanctions have not affected their activities on the platform. “Again, there is a perception that banks have not launched their applications on Google Play because of information and security advice.”

“We are able to use a significant number of Google facilities due to sanctions,” Mustafa Naghipourfar said in response to Digito’s question about how it is possible for fake applications to enter the Google Play space but the bank’s main application does not. We do not have. Publishing a banking app on Google Play is not an easy task, but Google Play does not restrict the presence of banks due to sanctions. “However, this limitation exists in the Apple App Store.”

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Mustafa Naqipourfar, Secretary of Finatech Association

Naghi Pourfarr described the lack of cooperation of the FATA police to investigate the problems that arise in this area as a matter of concern and said: “We have not had any problems in this area.”

“The right way is for FinTech startups to grow, and this process will prevent such problems,” he said, emphasizing that the country’s banking system has become a huge megabank and is not willing to use the fintech experience. “Innovation is the best way to solve phishing scams with banking scams.”

There is no authentication mechanism in Google Play

“Ebadi does not comply with any of the sanctions rules,” Mehdi Ebadi, a member of the Fintech Association, told Digiato, stressing that banks would not face sanctions-related problems when it comes to Google Play. Therefore, publishing the application in this platform will not face any problems. “In addition, Google Play does not use any special authentication methods to publish the application.”

1636812776 46 Vacancy of the official applications of the countrys banks in Vacancy of the official applications of the country's banks in Google Play; The flow of fake applications continues 4

Ebadi said that any application will only have access to the Google Play platform if it is not in the group of spy applications. “It has been encountered in later stages.”

“One of the common methods is to link to Google Play from the bank’s website,” he said, stressing that banks need to make their customers more aware of the situation. However, banks often do not implement this option. “But in general, users need to be more careful about installing apps and reading publisher information more carefully.”

Mitan claimed that banks have significant weaknesses in the information process, but ultimately the user who is in the space should increase their awareness of the situation and at least examine the information published by an application.

Bank site, the safest way to get a banking application

Despite commenting on the non-sanctioning of Iranian banking applications, a well-informed source in one of the official banks of the country said in response to the question whether banks are not present in Google Play due to international sanctions: “Banks can submit their applications on Google Play platform Do not have. Therefore, they have to use internal substrates. “But since this problem was managed by presenting an application on the bank’s site, at least for the Android operating system, we did not have any reaction or follow-up on this issue, and we always offered the site route to our customers as the best possible route.”

“As a bank, with all the transparency about the bank’s identity, we have not been able to appear on Google Play in any way to date,” he said. Is. Therefore, this issue is also being investigated by the technical department of banks. “But at this stage, the question remains for the bank.”

“The presence of fake apps on Google Play is a serious concern for banks,” the source said. Unfortunately, rogue applications can lead to fraud, phishing, or other misuse of a bank account. “Therefore, users should not trust or use the text messages that provide the application link in any way.”

What do you think about this? From which platform do you download banking applications and do you do your banking with these apps or have you turned to other financial apps? Leave your comments with us in the comments section.

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