Vahid Rajabloo called for free internet for the disabled

Vahid Rajabloo called for free internet for the disabled

After “Vahid Rajabloo” asked the Minister of Communications to provide free internet for the disabled, the Minister of Communications announced that he would follow up on this issue. Recently, Vahid Rajabloo, a disabled startup and technology activist who is the CEO of the Tavanito Group, asked the Minister of Communications to make the Internet free for the disabled.

He, who had made this request on the social network Twitter, referring to the fact that buying internet costs is a difficult task for some disabled people, had said: People with disabilities with all kinds of social problems and discrimination are an inappropriate city at home. The only way we can communicate is through the internet. “Please do something for us.”

Rajabloo’s request was answered by the Minister of Communications after two days. He promised to pursue the matter and to obtain a series of permits to do so.

“Many people with disabilities live in low-income or non-poor families,” Rajablu told Digiato, expressing excitement over the communications minister’s early response to his request: “This can help many people with disabilities.” “A number of people with disabilities become disabled due to accidents and the like, which may not be financially deficient, but I personally know many people for whom the cost of the Internet is very high and they can not afford it.”

Rajabloo, noting that in many countries of the world, the Internet is free for the disabled, says that in these countries, in addition to the Internet, many online training courses for the disabled are provided for free so that they can benefit from them.

“I have always told the minister and other officials that if they take a step for this group, we will definitely do the same,” he said in response to a question about what Tavanito would do next if the internet for the disabled eventually became free. We walk with them. “If this happens, I promise to provide many of the well-known trainings of online education companies, such as Franchise, etc., for free to the disabled, so that they can benefit from free virtual education along with free internet.”

Asked how much the disabled have to do with the Internet, he told Digito: “Those disabled people whose lives are connected to the Internet are officially tied to it, and I dare say that most of their communication and other aspects of life are done through the Internet. It becomes. These people with disabilities really need the internet and spend their work and life in cyberspace. “The days of the corona outbreak and home quarantine have also doubled this issue, and I hope the Ministry of Communications can do something sooner.”

“Now, in today’s world, the reality is that the Internet is part of the education process,” he said, according to a comprehensive law to protect people with disabilities. Rajabloo, who has recently been able to provide a number of modems with free internet packages for the disabled with the help of operators and volunteers, told Digito that he hopes the public sector, in addition to the private sector, can take a serious step in this direction.

Rajabloo believes that the Ministry of Communications can get involved in the first place with the help of a welfare organization that has a strong database of disabled people in the country: “In this case, many disabled people need to be identified and the government can be of great help to this group.” »

Tavanito now has nearly 1,000 active service providers in the fields of health, medicine, rehabilitation, education and public services to Iranian citizens through this platform. Vahid Rajabloo has created an opportunity for more than 14,000 citizens with and without disabilities to use online services.

Rajabloo was recognized as one of the 10 most influential figures in the world in 1399 by the International Youth Committee of the World (Junior Chamber International) and this is the first time that an Iranian is among the most influential youth in the world.

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