Video games are likely to reduce the symptoms of depression in boys

Video games are likely to reduce the symptoms of depression in boys

With the proliferation of video games, there has been a lot of research on their benefits and harms, the latest of which suggests the positive effects of video games on depression in boys.

Recent research It shows that adolescent boys who play video games frequently develop up to 24.2% less depressive symptoms than others. The researchers studied 11,341 11-year-olds for 3 years and monitored their digital activities.

This study showed that boys who are physically active are not affected by video games. Therefore, they only affect adolescents who are not physically active.

According to this study, frequent play of video games is associated with less depressive symptoms:

“Frequent use of video games in boys who are less physically active is associated with fewer depressive symptoms, but is not seen in people with high physical activity.”

One of the interesting results of this study is the destructive effect of repeated use of social networks on adolescent girls:

“In girls, people who used social media most days at age 11 experienced up to 13 percent more depressive symptoms by age 14.”

Researchers have not provided specific reasons for such findings, although some studies in the past have noted the positive effects of video games on individuals, but recent research has specifically focused on adolescent boys.

In this study, various factors are not mentioned and for example, we do not know whether issues such as family status or the popularity of a teenager are included in it or not. Various factors can play a role in the development of depression, but recent research has not specifically addressed them and has only considered video games.

Although we are dealing with a relatively long statistical population in a long-term study, perhaps it would have been better if the researchers had pointed to more various factors.

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