View the warning watermark of not meeting the system requirements in Windows 11

View the warning watermark of not meeting the system requirements in Windows 11

Since the initial release of Windows 11, users have been faced with relatively strict hardware requirements to install it, and since the release of this new operating system, Microsoft has been constantly trying to prevent Windows 11 from supporting old systems, in this regard, Microsoft has finally introduced a new feature. introduced last year and in this regard some users Report watermarks in the system It has been reported that the system requirements of Windows 11 are not met and the user has been warned in this regard.

According to reports and available information, some users have seen a system watermark in the lower right corner of the operating system, which warned them about not meeting the system requirements, and some claimed that the new feature encouraged users to use and return to Windows 10. Is.

Microsoft has been criticized for being strict about Windows 11’s lack of support for CPUs lower than 8th generation Intel Coffee Lake and AMD Zen+ and Zen 2, and the company wants to ensure that Windows 11 host systems benefit from TPM 2.0.

Windows 11 warning watermark

However, Microsoft has not prevented the installation of Windows 11 on old processors, even Intel’s sixth generation and sometimes lower, and last spring, the company confirmed the provision of a watermark feature to warn users about system requirements. Microsoft’s strictness regarding Windows 11 can be one of the reasons why users have not migrated to this new operating system quickly.

However, some analysis shows that Windows 11 is growing slowly, but Windows 10 is still the most popular operating system. Regardless of the system strictures regarding Windows 11, the Redmonds are constantly trying to make this operating system attractive to a wide variety of users, and Microsoft has recently updated the appearance of the task manager, file explorer and other programs with new updates.

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